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Build with your Words with Tzipora Grodko

Rivky sits down with singles advocate Tzipora Grodko to talk about the state of our dating world. She shares how old she was when she began worrying about her singleness, and when she noticed people started treating her differently. Plus how she reacts to ‘that’s why she’s still single’ and what to do with the daters in your life that you feel are just being too picky.

Tzipora Grodko is a transformative coach and licensed psychotherapist advocating for sensitivity and change for the Single Community. Her mission started with the viral launch of her talk called “Things Shadchanim Should Know”, focused on revolutionizing the concept of the “shidduch crisis” once and for all. This lead to her interview on Meamingful People which was the #1 most viewed and downloaded interview of 2024 Her goal is to invite insight towards faith and single empowerment. Recognizing the systemic responsibility that community has on the lives of those that are single. With grit, grace, and comic relief, she is blazing a path towards community, individual and life enhancement.


Things Shadchanim Should Know

Tzipora's appearance on Meaningful People can be found wherever you listen to your podcasts

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