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Bouncing Homes with Betty Gulko

I talk with Betty Gulko, a life coach and blogger, about what it was like growing up in and out of foster care. She shares her experiences being moved around from home to home, finding the community that took her in, getting formally adopted at 19 and what all that meant as she was moving into motherhood.

After receiving a double masters degree and working in the field of therapy with children on the Autistic Spectrum, Betty Gulko began to pursue her passion for creativity. She started her business and blog SuchaBetty, LLC while working as an editorial fashion stylist in NYC and sharing her own fashion, beauty, and lifestyle creations on Instagram. With her passion to inspire and positivity infused content, she began to mentor teens about self esteem. Betty, ‘your glow up bestie’, is now spreading her personal story to inspire each and every one of you, young or old, to believe that through your mindset and confidence you can change the direction of your life. Through one on one consulting/coaching, Betty guides you towards elevating your life from the inside out to GLOW UP in all areas of your life - Confidence on Video, Confidence in Dating, Confidence with your Voice. Join The GLOW UP Club today.

Betty Gulko, PSY.M
Confidence + Mindset Consultant/Coach
Inspiring Speaker
Podcast Founder Host Chat w Betty
Positivity Infused Content Creator @bettygulko @chatwithbetty

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