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Back to Nature with Ahuva Gottdiener

I talk with Ahuva Gottdiener, better known as Homegrown Kosher, someone who’s always been fascinated by how things were made. She shares the choice to turn certain hobbies into a business and leave other as just hobbies why she thinks it’s important for anyone who can to grow their food, and how the way she cares for her kids has changed as they’ve gotten older.

Ahuva Gottdiener of Homegrown Kosher is a foodie dissident. Bridging the food knowledge gap between ground and plate, Ahuva shares her fascination with the fundamentals through education, inspiration and connection. Widely lauded as perhaps the most bona fide artisan sourdough baker and authentic suburban homesteader (seriously, she raises chickens with her family in Wesley Hills, NY!) Ahuva's love for the origins of our sustenance provides fuel for her mission of connection. To learn more about Ahuva and how you can start your dissent, you can follow her on Instagram @homegrownkosher and read the blog at

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