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As Old As She should Be with Jodi Klaristenfeld

I sit down with Jodi Klaristenfeld, the founder of Flrrish, an organization supporting preemie families to discuss her work. She shares the hardest parts of her nicu experience and how she incorporated them into Flrrish’s offerings, and struggling to bond with her daughter after a rush of a birth

Jodi Klaristenfeld is mom to Jenna, an adorable little girl who was born at 28 weeks due to a rare and life-threatening form of preeclampsia called HELLP Syndrome. After Jenna’s early birth, Jodi quickly discovered preemie families aren’t always given the support they need.

An attorney by education, Jodi now runs a family business in Manhattan.  Jodi created FLRRiSH to be a light in the dark, a source of information and inspiration for preemie families – cutting out confusion, managing overwhelm, and offering unwavering support.


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