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Always Dreaming with Nechama Cohen

Nechama Cohen's music is a breath of fresh air in the Jewish music world. Releasing her first album “Heartbeat” almost 7 years ago, she took the Jewish world by storm with her original compositions, lyrics and sweet voice. She has since released multiple hit singles including “Edge of Prayer” and most recently, “I Still Have You”. Her music and lyrics are soulful and meaningful. With her profound take on life and its' challenges, her voice carries pure emotion and touches those who hear her. Her music is a source of strength for many, as she performs her songs internationally for thousands. Iconically known for her talent and heart, Nechama aims to inspire and share her love of music with women and girls around the world.

Nechama’s music is available in stores and online
@nechamamusic on youtube and all social medias

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