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Above the Noise with Kayla Haber Goldstein

I talk with Kayla Haber Goldstein, a soon to be published author and overall curious Jew, about how she learned at a young age to solve problem without thinking emotionally. She shares her three step plan for ending the agunah crisis, and we have a frank discussion around lace top wigs and women’s place in Jewish law.

Kayla Haber-Goldstein is a young designer who was given the space to explore her religious views. Gifted with a husband patient and confident enough to let her explore, and a giant for a father willing to answer her questions, Kayla set out to find what was truth and what was noise in Judaism. The answers astounded her, and she quickly realized she was in a unique position others could not have. So she shares her discoveries, giving others a safe space to really learn about their heritage without any judgement or stigma whatsoever. More recently Kayla has bee in involved in helping our system rectify the wrong being done to women who want a divorce. Who knows what’s coming next :)

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