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A Bumpy Ride with Dena Pilevsky

Dena Pilevsky had one question for the surgeon, right before he cut open her neck and rebuilt it with titanium rods, screws and plates. “Can I wear my own fabulous hospital gown?” 

Who could say no to that?

That was her fifth cervical spinal surgery. 

Dena’s neck was ruined due to a faulty shoulder guard on a roller coaster. The damaged disc held out until she was pregnant with her second child. Dena turned the wrong way and her disk ruptured, nearly paralyzing her. 

Dena sculpted, went scuba diving and fell in love with fashion. All that, along with a laundry list of dreams and grandiose plans, fell apart as she was confined to walker or a wheelchair. 

After 10 years of chronic pain and four unsuccessful surgeries, she found the strength to literally crawl to a new surgeon and undertake her most extensive surgery yet.

It didn’t fix her, but it gave her the ability to start a new chapter in her life.

Dena walked out of the fire and with the support of her husband and five children she plunged into the world of fashion. She became a motivational speaker and started her own Fashion & Beauty Blog, @TheperfecteyeNY and

Her message is simple: If you let color into your life, it will heal you. 

If you look fabulous. 

If you think fabulous. 

You will feel fabulous! 

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