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What Does True To Size Mean?

One of the most common questions I get is "Does your collection run true to size?" Honestly, that's a useless question. Here's why and what you should be asking instead:

Women's sizing is not standardized at all. On a practical level, this means that all your favorite brands are just making up their size charts, not following any kind of guideline or rule book. By the way, this is why you really shouldn't care about your clothing size.

So when you're asking if something 'runs true to size' what you're really saying is 'I usually wear a size 16, will your size 16 fit me?' And I can't answer that because I don't know what brands you usually buy or what size charts they use.

What I can say is that all my pieces run exactly the same according to the measurements you see on this page. That means that once you know your size in my brand, that's your size across all of my pieces.

So how do you figure out your size? We use a universally recognized standardized measurement- inches! By knowing your body measurements, you'll be able to easily shop online at any of your favorite boutiques by comparing your measurements to their size chart. This can be confusing sometimes, so here's more info on what to do if your measurements don't match up to a size chart.

Side note, if the brand you're considering shopping by does not have a size chart- stay far away! Same goes for a size chart that says something like "a S is a size 2-4." since 'size 2-4" is not a standardized term, that information is perfectly useless.

At the very least check the return policy of a brand with a wacky size chart. 

True to size is a misleading term, instead ask 'What are the measurements of the garment?' or 'Where can I see a size chart with inches?". If you're working with less than that be sure to check return policies!

Having all of my pieces run the same and offering personalized service to determine your size is one of the ways I make your online shopping experience stress free. Plus I offer free returns within 30 days no matter where you live, because friends don't let friends end up with clothes they can't wear.

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