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OutFIT: Skirts

OutFit is a series where I, your favorite fashion design and construction expert, take you through the ins and outs of the most important aspect of your wardrobe- no, not your shoes! I’m talking about the actual FIT of your clothes!


There’s something really fun about being able to mix and match the skirts and tops in your closet to make different outfits each time. And we all know that the most important part of any look is the fit. So here’s what I look out for to make sure my skirts fit perfectly:

  1. Be mindful of where the skirt is sitting. Is it on your waist? Your hips? Most styles are going to have an intended spot for you to wear them. Make sure you’re wearing the skirt properly.
  2. If it’s a straight skirt, be mindful of how it lays on your hips. There may be a small bubble under the fabric at your hip bone. If the rest of the skirt feels nice at your waist and thighs, the hips are cut too wide for you. It’s a simple alteration to have the side seam reshaped to your hip and is almost always worth investing in. If the skirt is returnable, bring it to your tailor and ask.
  3. If it’s a flare style skirt the most important part of the fit is the waist. Does it feel too tight? Too loose? If it feels comfortable then you’ve got a skirt that fits. The amount of flare you like is solely a matter of personal preference. You might not like the way a very full skirt looks on you (and that’s totally fine!) but learning to separate that from the fit of a garment is an important step in recognizing when something truly doesn’t fit.
  4. If your hips are significantly larger than your waist, you’re going to want to make sure the skirt is large enough to accommodate your hips, and then have the rest tailored accordingly. This is the foolproof way to ensure the skirt not only falls smoothly but also feels comfortable all day.


As always, don’t think of tailoring or doing alterations as a bad thing! Most garments will need some tweaking and it really is the secret to a great wardrobe.


Here’s to making an Impact together!