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How to Shop Your Closet

With things coming to a halt and self quarantine becoming the new norm, now seems like the perfect time to shop your closet for your new spring wardrobe. I use this tried-and-true three step method at the beginning of every season to assess what I already have and where to fill in the holes. I also take this opportunity to make new outfits from what I already have and get so much more mileage out of my clothes. Here’s how I do it:

Dump everything out

Not just the first layer, I want your drawers to be EMPTY. Now is the time to move your winter clothes to the back and bring summer to the forefront so you may as well give yourself a clean slate. Also, see that sweater you haven’t worn all winter? It’s March, sweetie, time to pass it on to a friend or donate it to Goodwill.

Sort By Type & Color

Here are the piles I like to make: Dressy Skirts, Dressy Tops, Casual Tops, Casual Skirts & Dresses. I also take my accessories and lay them out so I can see them easily at a glance. Use my piles or make your own! Do whatever makes sense for your wardrobe. Once you’ve got everything sorted, arrange each pile in ROYGBV order so the colors are organized.

Start Putting things together and see what you like!

Here comes the fun part! Take a look at the pieces you’ve got and start mixing and matching. This is a safe space and nothing is off limits. If you’re not sure about a combo, try it on real quick! (No, you do not need to put a bra on, I won’t tell anyone, pinky swear.) Some of my favorite color combinations are blues & greys, navy & white, and any pastel colors together. I’m going to challenge you to match up some of your dressy things with casual pieces- you’d be surprised at the cool combinations you can find by messing with the boundaries you place around your clothes. (If you’re having trouble visualizing this, click here for a great example.) Try your dresses with different accessories than you usually wear to spice things up.
Once you land on a combination you love, snap a photo of it and put all those photos in their own album on your phone. (If you want to be really extra, you can print out the photos and make yourself a style scrapbook.) Use those photos as reference when you’re getting ready in the morning and all the thinking is done for you!
There’s lots of shopping to be done in your very own closet so get to it! Post your new outfits and tag so I can gush all over you!
Stay safe Lovelies!
P.S. If you find yourself in need of a building block piece after you clean up, this is a great place to start.