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Find Out if a Custom Dress is Right for You!

There is something really special about having a dress or outfit made especially for you, but the process certainly isn’t for everyone or every event. If you fit any of these 3 criteria, you’re a great candidate for a custom design:

  • You’ve got enough time. Good things come to those who wait, and with a custom design patience is key. There is a lot of work that goes into creating your custom pattern, choosing the proper fabrics and sewing a beautiful gown. The last thing you want to be is rushed, or feel like you need to compromise on your dream dress because of time limitations. If your event is 6-8 weeks away, you’re in the sweet spot. This will allow plenty of time for revisions. I cater to events 4-6 weeks away with a rush charge, and I don’t take on clients whose event is less than 4 weeks away. In those situations, there simply isn’t enough time to do this properly and I don’t do anything halfway.
  • You don’t match up to the size chart in a significant way. It’s fairly common for someone’s measurements to not match perfectly with any one size. We’re all different body shapes! But if the difference between you bust, waist and hip measurements is more than 3 sizes, you should seriously consider having some wardrobe staple pieces made. I am always an advocate for fewer pieces that look great on you as opposed to a closet full of mediocre options that make you feel blah. My recommended pieces to start with are a formal dress, a work dress, and a day dress for synagogue/church or more casual parties.
  • You have a vague idea of what you like. You certainly don’t need a full design, but having a tiny bit of an inkling of what you want is incredibly helpful. There are literally thousands of different ways to design a garment. My job is to help you narrow down your thoughts and guide you towards what will be best for you, but I need you to give me a place to start. If you’re looking to have a formal gown made, think about whether you’d like a straighter silhouette or more of a ball gown. If you’re in a bridal party, find out if the bride wants everyone in a specific color and how flexible she is about that color. Collecting photos of designs with elements you like is a really great way to communicate to me the vision you have in your head. The main takeaway is: come prepared and do your homework, you’ll thank me later.

Bottom line: go custom for a special event when you’ve got enough time to do it properly, treat yourself to 2-3 perfectly tailored pieces if your measurements make it difficult to buy off the rack, and come prepared with some sort of idea of what you like. If you’re interested in learning more about the custom dress process, find out more information here. I can’t wait to see what we create together!

Here's to making an Impact together!