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Easily Build Better Outfits!

Here is my fool proof formula for rocking any event, no matter what it is!

start with the shoes

The absolute worst thing in the world is achy, blistery feet. We’ve all been there and it’s not fun. If you expect to be doing a lot of walking/standing around then this might not be the best time to pull out the stilettos with bloodstains inside. 

how much do you want to stand out?

Think about the event and how much you want to stand out from the crowd. Is it a formal wedding or more casual dinner party? What does the hostess usually wear? I am all for standing out in a crowd, but I don’t like to be caught off guard. Be the hot pink feather boa in a sea of black! Just know what you’re walking into.

go monochrome

Pick one color and run with it. Pair your classic denim with all the blues, wear pinks to the summer wedding, or run with all black. You can never go wrong with monochrome. This is a perfect trick to pull out when you don't want to give any thought to your outfit. This is especially easy to pull off with one of my solid colored pieces, like Calleigh in Metallic Black.

pick a focal point

 If you’re in the mood for statement earrings, tone the rest of your jewelry down and go for natural makeup. If you’re feeling full glitter eyeliner then all your hair needs is a classic beach wave. If your dress is a real statement color than tone everything else down. Let one area be your standout. In this photo I wanted to go full pink glam with my makeup so I kept my hair and styling muted with the simple but perfect Elaine Dress.

the sweat factor

An outdoor affair in 100 degrees is not the time to go full Kim K with the contour. If you anticipate sweating, leave your face bare (except for sunscreen) and pile on all the mascara and waterproof eyeliner to build a dramatic look. You’ll also want to make sure that the outfit you are wearing, especially the layer that is closest to your skin, is a soft and breathable fabric. Bonus Secret: almost all of my pieces are lined in the same fabric used to make T-shirts, making them especially comfortable to sweat in; I’m all about secret comfort. I have a whole article on beating summer heat and sweating comfortably, click here to read it.

layer for the cold

In cold weather your best bet is layering, because you have no idea how warm the venue will be. Investing in a great blazer you can easily throw over the back of your chair is always a solid idea. In this photo, I'm wearing a long sleeve t-shirt paired with the Elle Skirt In Metallic Silver and my favorite pink paisley bomber jacket to a night business networking event.

have fun!

There is nothing more attractive than someone just having a good time. Once your outfit is assembled, forget about it, and dance the night away!

Those are the 7 secrets I use to build perfect looks every time. What are some of your favorite style secrets? Your tried and true methods for stress free outfit assembly? Drop them in the comments so we can all make our lives easier!