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Beat the Heat

Summer is upon us and there's no way around the fact that you're going to be sweating. Whether you are someone who sweats a lot (like me) or not these tips and tricks will help to keep you cool this summer.

Think about the fabrics you're wearing.

    The fibers that your fabric is made up of play the most important role in keeping you cool. The general rule is that natural fibers absorb, and synthetic fibers repel moisture. A natural fiber occurs in nature (think cotton, linen, and wool), a synthetic fiber is made in a lab (think nylon, rayon, polyester). Because a natural fiber absorbs moisture, it'll pull the sweat away from your skin, helping to cool you down. This is great- until you catch a glimpse of your very visible boob sweat in a passing mirror.

    Synthetic fibers repel moisture so they won't show wet patches, but they also won't do much to cool you down. That's why I like to look for blends. Cotton blends in particular are a great breathable summer option. This 3/4 sleeve layering shell from Esteez is my go-to summer t-shirt. It's a cotton lycra shirt that breathes and sweats nicely. It also comes in a ton of colors- my personal favorites are turquoise and grey mix. 

      Oh, and skip the leather. You can thank me later.

      Think about the styles you're wearing.

      In the summer, keep it loose and airy. Remember we want to stay as cool as possible and airflow is key to that. Tight clothes literally suffocate your skin and also force your thighs to rub up against each other more, creating a perfect storm for the dreaded chub rub. (More on how to combat chub rub here.)

      Think about the makeup you're wearing.

      In the summer, I avoid face makeup altogether. It makes me hotter and I'm just going to sweat it off anyways.  I spot conceal wherever I need it and in the inner corner of my eyes and go with a more natural look overall. on the rare occasions that I do wear makeup I always make sure to keep this powder handy to absorb sweat beads as they pop up.

      Think about the shoes you're wearing.

      Sweating feet means a higher chance of blisters, so keep to more breathable styles. Strappy sandals are adorable and perfect for this. If that's not your thing then go for fabric shoes (again, avoiding leather). I love these sketchers flats for everyday and these Mix No.6 heels for more dressy events. Also, avoid shoes with clear plastic panelling. The plastic doesn't breathe, which makes you sweat even more and the plastic will fog up from condensation. 

      Think about the head coverings you're wearing.

      If you cover your hair, summer brings its own set of challenges. I've found that the best strategy is to have as little on my neck as possible. Obviously you'll be coolest if you avoid wigs altogether. Cotton scarves and beanies are a great summer option. (I love Valeri's Boutique for my hair accessories.) If you must wear a wig then go for a shorter style or one that can be pulled into a pony. If you don't own a pony wig, take your full wig and style it in a half pony. This will take a lot of bulk off your neck and help you stay much cooler.

      There you have it, my tips and tricks for beating the summer sweat.

      Here's to making an Impact together!