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Alternatives to Black Tights

Every winter I reach the point when I'm sick of black and Lovelies, I am at that point. So I decided to conquer the ever prevalent black tight and come up with some alternatives. 

I bet that your favorite black tight comes on other colors also, so grab your preferred pair and try one of these 3 ways to switch it up:

Go Grey

Grey is essentially just light black, making it a great beginner place to start. Achieve this look with:

  • The Peacock Origami Dress. My bestselling adjustable one size fits 2-24 dress in this great color will match any grey tone.
  • Silver and cool-toned accessories. I found this bracelet from NOA and this headband from Valeri Chicago
  • A subtle color pop. I love this deep red nail polish from Essie
  • Grey booties or shoes will keep the look seamless. These are from DSW.

Maroon Magic

We're so used to wearing the color and the tights being the neutral. What if we reversed it? Achieve this look with:

  • The Most Perfect Pleated Skirt in Black- trust me, it's all in the name. Pair it with your coziest sweater or blouse.
  • A patterned maroon scarf, layered with a simple necklace. It'll pick up the tights and give off those effortlessly chic vibes we love. 
  • Maroon tights with your favorite black shoes. I like flats or loafers for this look but feel free to swap out for heels or boots.

If you least add a pattern

Black on black patterns are one way to keep your black tights but add a little bit of spice. Achieve this look with:

  • The Mustard Snuggle Dress. Since your accessories here are all black, it's the perfect time to pull out this amazing mustard color and dress it up.
  • Statement earrings and neutral makeup. I love this pair from Neiman Marcus and Karmela Cosmetics lipstick in Goddess.
  • Black on black patterned tights paired with your favorite heels.

There you have it! 3 ways to upgrade your tights game this winter, which are you going to try?

Here's to making an Impact together!