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#DIY Impact Clutch Tutorial

Oooh we're gonna have so much fun together!

Before we get started you’re going to want to prep your materials, here’s everything you’ll need:

  • 1.5 yards of woven fabric (not knitted)
  • These patterns, printed out. (see printing instructions below)
  • Scissors
  • Clothes Iron
  • Scotch Tape
  • Straight Pins
  • 1 snap or other closure
  • 12" x 14" piece of cardboard

If you ordered the supply kit, you will receive an email with tracking information. Everything ships within a day so you’ll be ready to start soon. The kit includes fabric, pins, and a magnetic snap so in the meantime, gather the other supplies.

If you didn't order the supply kit and have changed your mind or would like to order a second supply kit to make more clutches, click here and order just the supply kit by selecting the 'I already have the Tutorial Packet' option. It won't cost you anymore than if you had bought them together.

I recommend watching through the video once before starting. It’ll be easier to follow each step if you know where it fits in the grand scheme of the project. This is a great thing to do if you’re waiting for your supply kit to come.

This entire project can be completed in one afternoon, but there’s absolutely no rush! You can stop at any point and come back to it. Nothing will fall apart if you step away and you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off. Remember that you can refer to the video as many times as you need. Rewind if necessary and have a great time!

My absolute favorite thing is seeing you enjoying my designs. Post your work to Instagram and tag with #DIYImpact so I can gush all over you. 

Click here to get the patterns. Here's how you print them out:

  • Be sure your printer is set to LANDSCAPE
  • Be sure to the scale is set to 100%

If you don't print them properly your finished bag will be a different size. The short strip finished is 3"x20". The long one finished is 3"x24". 

If you have any questions you can email me at or DM me on Instagram Now, it’s time to step into my studio. Start the video below!